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Introduction to Yoga for Teachers

So, what about Wellbeing for teachers?

METC are, for the first time, offering a six-week introductory Yoga programme for teachers. This unique, practical self-care initiative is about giving you the opportunity to exercise, unwind and reenergise in a safe, gentle and holistic way. The programme is open to all teachers and will include the experiential practice of asanas (yoga postures) pranayama (healthy breathing techniques), meditation (present moment awareness training), and relaxation (reflect, process, unwind and chill out!). We will have some fun with mantras, mudras and bandas and you will be encouraged and supported to participate at whatever level you are comfortable with and at the same time challenging you to explore your edges and reach your Wellbeing potential.

Science has, at last, caught up with what yogis have known for centuries. Recent scientific research has unequivocally demonstrated that a regular experiential Yoga practice can, reduce fatigue, stress, anxiety and overwhelm, can enhance the immune system and contribute to a more balanced, healthy and transformative lifestyle

This Introduction to Yoga is not a high-powered fitness training programme where you are expected to contort your body into painful and almost impossible positions. This Introduction to Yoga initiative is about finding stillness, calm, ease and peace at the physical, mental and energetic levels. You only work to your own unique ability and you do not have to have any Yoga experience to sign up and take part in the programme.


METC are hosting a Yoga introductory evening to introduce the 6-week Yoga programme and will be taking registration on the night. We expect this programme to sell out and advise that you attend the practical evening session to sign up to invest in your own personal and precious Wellbeing.

This is the first roll out of this exciting new initiative and METC invite you, our teachers, to trial it for six weeks to experience the transformational benefits of Yoga. 

PS Don’t forget your mat for the Introduction to Yoga information evening!

Information on the Yoga Facilitator

Mary Mc Mullen is a qualified PE teacher with a Master’s degree in Health Promotion and Wellbeing. She has over thirty years teaching experience with qualifications and extensive experience in Health and Fitness Instruction, Pilates, Yoga and Dance Groove. Mary has been deeply involved in integrating the new Junior Cycle Wellbeing programme into her school and strongly believes that it is now time to also consider and support the health and wellbeing of teachers, every school’s greatest resource. Rather than focusing on the theoretical underpinnings of Wellbeing, in this Introduction to Yoga programme, Mary hopes to provide an active mind, body and collective experience that can be enjoyed by all teachers.

Course Details

Course Date 26-09-2019 4:30 pm
Course End Date 26-09-2019 5:30 pm
Registration Start Date 20-08-2019
Capacity 25
Available place 3
Cut off date 26-09-2019 4:30 pm
Individual Price Free
Speaker Mary Mc Mullen
Number Hours 1
Location Cavan Crystal Hotel